Introducing: New Bounce Coverage Plans for Cell Phones

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Customer experiences are made better when they’re driven by, well, actual customer feedback.  

At least, that’s what we believe—and we’ve been listening to yours.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of three new coverage plans:  

  • Prime
  • Premium
  • Elite

With these new plan options, you will be able to select the coverage limit that works best for you and your lifestyle (and your propensity for dropping your phone).  

For example…

If you have an older hand-me-down phone, or you recently bought a used phone on Kijiji, then the Prime Protection is probably right for you. 

On the other hand, if you’re constantly upgrading your phone to the latest and greatest (and you’re waiting for that new iPhone to be released), then we’d recommend going with the Elite Protection plan since the coverage limits go all the way up to $500.  

Whatever your phone situation, the choice is yours. Which one’s for you?


Check out the pricing and choose a plan here.

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