Need Affordable + Stress-free Cell Phone Insurance? Meet Bounce

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Let’s face it.

Love them or hate them, phones are a super-important part of our everyday life—and when they break, it’s almost like your life is put on hold. 

Dramatic, we know. But this is how Bounce came to life: we realized that humans need (and want) control and peace of mind when it comes to our phones. If the phone screen breaks, can we get it fixed? Can we get it fixed on the same day? Can we get it fixed anywhere we want?

Well, say hello to Bounce.

But first, let us tell you a quick story about how Bounce was born.

For Scott Walker, our founder, it all started during his travels in New York.

While jostling with the crowds on a busy street, he could feel his cell phone ringing. After a few excruciating seconds of fumbling to get it out of his pocket, it fell—slow motion-style—to the concrete. 

You know what we’re talking about.

Anyway, a long crack now divided the once-perfect screen of Scott’s phone. After making several (failed) attempts to get his phone repaired and covered through the mobile insurance that he had, he gave up. 

Apparently, the only way for him to fix the break was to mail it back, which wasn’t very helpful for someone traveling around New York. 

So, he created Bounce.

Bounce is the first-ever phone screen insurance company. Our team is people-focused, with a single goal: develop a product that’s affordable, valuable—and most importantly, stress-free for you.  

We want our customers (hopefully, you!) to know and feel completely secure that their phone screen is 100% covered, 100% of the time.  

After all, fixing it should be as easy as breaking it. (We should know; we’ve broken our phones in pretty much every way possible.)

Want to give Bounce a try? See how it works.

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