What Makes Bounce Different

It’s not too good to be true.

Traditional Device Protection Programs are expensive, full of hidden fees, complicated, and overly time consuming.  
So, we decided to turn the old model on its head and created a Device Protection Program that is low cost, simple to understand, and provides you with the coverage you really need.   
We cover what breaks....Your Screen.
And, in 2024, we added mechanical failure repair for the US market!

Bounce vs The Other Guys

Bounce is almost half the annual cost of Apple Care and up to 70% less than traditional Carrier Device Protecction Programs.

That's becuase we never charge deductibles and only charge you for the coverage you need.

Fair Pricing

Whether you buy buyng direct from Bounce or through our preferred dealer network, you'll always pay the same price.

90% Screen Damage

Today’s smartphone screens look sleek but are very fragile and expensive to repair. For example, without Bounce you'd be out $400 if you had to replace your iPhone 12 screen.

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