Prime Protection

Prime Protection

  • Ideal coverage for Samsung A5-S7 and similar phones
  • Up to two (2) screen replacements for your phone during the yearly coverage period.
  • The maximum amount covered per replacement is $150.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, Bounce is a new product, and we're sure you have questions you want answered. Here are some helpful answers to pressing questions.

1.What if my phone's screen is already broken? Can Bounce fix it?

Sorry, your phone can't already be broken when you sign up.

2.Can I buy coverage for mechanical defects and water damage?

Not yet! But we're working on allowing you to upgrade your coverage to include automatic replacement of your phone in case of mechanical failure, water damage, or damage caused by accidentally dropping your phone.

3.What if I already have a warranty through my provider or retailer?

Protection plans from your carrier are cancellable! Just contact them directly and they'll remove the charge from your monthly bill.

4.How do I get refunded?

It’s easy — log in at Click on ""File a claim"" under the plan you want to make a claim on. Then take a photo of your repair receipt and upload it. We'll credit the approved amount within 24 hours!
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